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Schnit­zel Heidelberg

Top 10 Restaurants

Schnit­zel in Heidelberg: Tra­di­tion and Delight

Heidelberg is known for its beau­tiful land­scapes, his­to­ri­cal sights and deli­cious cui­sine. One dish that is espe­ci­ally popu­lar in this area is the schnitzel.

Ever­yone has a desire for schnit­zel every now and then. Howe­ver, choo­sing the right restau­rant can be dif­fi­cult given the wide range of choices, so here’s a list of the 10 best restau­rants near you to try Wiener Schnit­zel in Heidelberg.


Top 10 Schnit­zel Restau­rants in Heidelberg

In Heidelberg, there are a number of good restau­rants that offer tra­di­tio­nal and crea­tive varia­ti­ons of this popu­lar dish. Some offer pick-up or deli­very ser­vices in addi­tion to on-site dining. Here is a list of restau­rants, in and around Heidelberg’s Old Town, with the best reviews. The prices as well as the menu of the restau­rants usually do not differ too much, so the main focus is on qua­lity and atmo­sphere à la Heidelberg.

Zum Gül­de­nen Schaf

Haupt­straße 115
69117 Heidelberg
06221 20879

Wirts­haus zum Spreisel

Neckar­sta­den 66
69117 Heidelberg
06221 23543

Wein­stube Schnitzelbank

Bau­amts­gasse 7
69117 Heidelberg
06221 21189

Vetter's Alt Hei­del­ber­ger Brauhaus

Stein­gasse 9
69117 Heidelberg
06221 165850

Schwar­zer Peter - Robert Fiedler

Römer­straße 34
69115 Heidelberg
06221 21215

Restau­rant Krokodil

Klein­schmidt­straße 12
69115 Heidelberg
06221 73929777

Löwen­bräu Heidelberg

Haupt­straße 127, 69117 Heidelberg
69117 Heidelberg
06221 28450

Kul­tur­braue­rei Heidelberg

Ley­er­gasse 6
69117 Heidelberg
06221 502980

Gil­berts Gol­de­ner Adler

Hand­schuh­shei­mer Land­straße 96
69121 Heidelberg
06221 413888

Gast­haus Zum Weis­sen Schwanen

Haupt­straße 143
69117 Heidelberg
06221 659692

No matter where you go to eat, you can be sure that the schnit­zel in Heidelberg is pre­pared with care. So if you’re loo­king for a deli­cious and fil­ling meal in Heidelberg, be sure to try a schnit­zel at one of these popu­lar restaurants.


What should you look out for when eating schnitzel?

Beware that only the Wiener Schnit­zel is made of veal. But a Schnit­zel Wiener Art is usually pre­pared with pork. Howe­ver, if you are unsure with the menu during your visit at the restau­rant, do not hesi­tate to ask the staff.


Schnitzel with lemon and fries: A classic German dish

What is a schnit­zel at all?

Schnit­zels are thin pieces of meat (usually pork, but some­ti­mes veal or chi­cken) that are brea­ded and fried. The meat is usually poun­ded flat to make it tender and evenly thin before it is fried. This gives it a crispy, golden brown sur­face and a tender, juicy interior.

Schnitzel cook in a kitchen

In the tra­di­tio­nal pre­pa­ra­tion of schnit­zel, the meat is first poun­ded flat until it is thin and smooth. Then the meat is sea­so­ned with salt and pepper and rolled through flour, beaten eggs and bread­crumbs. Finally, it is fried in hot oil until it is golden brown and crispy on the out­side, but remains juicy and tender on the inside. Alt­hough most restau­rants work simi­larly, the pre­pa­ra­tion is always slightly dif­fe­rent in every kitchen.

The schnit­zel is a ver­sa­tile dish that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Some prefer it with gravy or mush­room sauce, while others enjoy it simply with a little salt and a squeeze of lemon. Some restau­rants also offer crea­tive varia­ti­ons on the dish, such as schnit­zel topped with cheese or served as a sandwich.

Beaten pork cutlets with meat hammer
Schnitzel with lemon: One of the most popular German dishes

Where is the origin of the schnitzel?

The Schnit­zel is a clas­sic dish that has been eaten for cen­tu­ries in Ger­many and throug­hout Europe. The ori­g­ins of the schnit­zel can be traced back to Aus­tria, where it is made from veal and its called “Wiener Schnit­zel”. Today, the Schnit­zel is usually made from pork, but can also be made from chi­cken, turkey, beef, or more tra­di­tio­nally, veal. Should you read “Wiener Schnit­zel” in a Restau­rant it is always meant the tra­di­tio­nal Schnit­zel made of veal.


What is a schnit­zel served with?

In Ger­many, the schnit­zel is often served with various side dishes such as fried pota­toes, fries, spaetzle, cheese spaetzle or a fresh salad. The Wiener Schnit­zel is always served with a lemon wedge.

It is also common to serve the schnit­zel with dif­fe­rent sauces or cran­berry jam. Some addi­tio­nal side dishes such as dif­fe­rent types of sau­er­kraut or red cab­bage can also be served, but this varies from restau­rant to restau­rant and can always be found on the menus.

The schnit­zel is a savory dish for the whole family, which makes ever­yone full and happy.

Schnitzel from a restaurant in Heidelberg
Several schnitzel with lemon and cranberry jam in a local restaurant

Schnit­zel in Heidelberg FAQ

Is Heidelberg known for schnitzel?

Even though Heidelberg is not spe­ci­fi­cally known for its schnit­zel cul­ture, the schnit­zel is one of the most popu­lar dishes among Heidelberg locals and there are num­e­rous restau­rants that have spe­cia­li­zed in it.

Are there vege­ta­rian schnit­zels in Heidelberg?

Yes, there are vege­ta­rian schnit­zels made from meat sub­sti­tu­tes or various types of vege­ta­bles. These are also available in Heidelberg restau­rants. Here you can find restau­rants with vegan dishes in Heidelberg.

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