Par­king in Heidelberg

Fin­ding a par­king lot in Heidel­berg can vary in dif­fi­culty from district to district. Howe­ver, it is often a longer pro­cess, as there are not enough free par­king lots avail­able in Heidel­berg. Due to the con­stantly gro­wing popu­la­tion and many tou­rists, there is a lack of par­king spaces in many places.

Howe­ver, always keep to the cur­rent regu­la­ti­ons – this is not only gene­rally the right thing to do, it can also save you a lot of trou­ble and money – because in Heidel­berg there is a very strict and active car park sur­veil­lance (traf­fic war­dens) who are happy to hand out juicy par­king tickets (nodu­les)!

Par­king in the Old Town

The Old Town is for sure the most inte­res­ting district for all inha­bi­tants of Heidel­berg – whe­ther locals or tou­rists. The most beau­ti­ful sights, the shop­ping para­dise, Heidelberg’s main street, are loca­ted here and attract thousands of people every day. If you don’t come by public trans­port but with your own car, you will want to park as cen­trally as possible.

You have the pos­si­bi­lity to drive through the Old Town and hope for a free par­king lot – my tip: don’t do that. It costs time, nerves and fuel. There are a few places where you can get a free par­king space every now and then, even in Heidelberg’s Old Town – but is it worth the detour?

Par­king garages

A well-meant piece of advice: if you want to drive into the Old Town by car and don’t have a pri­vate par­king space (e.g. at your hotel or at a friend’s) – invest a few euros in a par­king garage. Take a look at Google Maps to see which sights, shops or restau­rants are inte­res­ting for you and which car park is the most convenient.

For­tu­n­a­tely, the city of Heidel­berg has already crea­ted an online portal with an over­view of all car parks – inclu­ding the cur­rent occup­ancy! So you can check again shortly before you leave to see whe­ther your chosen car park still has enough free par­king spaces or whe­ther you would rather take the next one and take a short walk through the beau­ti­ful Heidel­berg Old Town!

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Map of all car parks in Heidelberg

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