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Pizza Heidelberg

The best pizza in Heidelberg

Pizza is the per­fect and best com­fort food: pizza is easy to eat, hearty, covered with thick smooth cheese and can be cus­to­mi­zed with a variety of deli­cious top­pings in any kit­chen. Pizza has a variety of facets, from the tra­di­tio­nal Nea­po­li­tan variety to the thick Ame­ri­can style pizza. No matter how you slice it, it’s no small feat to com­pile a list of the best piz­ze­rias in Heidelberg, espe­ci­ally con­side­ring the number of high-end Ita­lian restau­rants with bur­geo­ning menus.

Top 10 Pizzas in Heidelberg

Ros­sini Pizza

Haupt­straße 135
69117 Heidelberg
06221 9148710

Restau­rant Giardino

Rohr­ba­cher Str. 166
69126 Heidelberg-Süd­­­stadt
06221 314100

Piz­ze­ria Sardegna

Schwet­zin­ger Straße 82
69124 Heidelberg-Kir­ch­heim
06221 781395

Piz­ze­ria Corona Da Rocco

Dos­sen­hei­mer Land­str. 90
69121 Heidelberg-Han­d­­schuh­s­heim
06221 410801

Luna Pizza

Römer­straße 68
69115 Heidelberg
06221 1800540

La Bruschetta 2

Plöck 73
69117 Heidelberg-Alt­­stadt
0176 32823815

II Pes­ca­tore Ristorante

Mann­hei­mer Str. 291
69123 Heidelberg-Wie­b­­lin­­gen
06221 7503991

da baggio

Römer­straße 24-26
69115 Heidelberg
06221 4341686

Casa Mia

Schil­ler­strasse 28-30
69115 Heidelberg
06221 9033457

Aka­de­mie Restaurant

Aka­de­mie­str. 8
69117 Heidelberg-Alt­­stadt
06221 162000

the best pizza heidelberg

What should I look for when orde­ring a pizza in Heidelberg?

If you are not in the area, make sure to check the ope­ning hours of your sel­ec­ted piz­ze­ria – espe­ci­ally when boo­king via an out­da­ted web­site, web­shop or app. Other­wise, you may not receive your deli­cious Ita­lian pizza until the next day!

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What is pizza anyway?

Pizza, the popu­lar dish of Ita­lian cui­sine, which con­sists of a disc of dough topped with a com­bi­na­tion of olive oil, ore­gano, toma­toes, olives, moz­za­rella or other cheese and many other ingre­di­ents, and then baked piping hot in the kit­chen – usually in a wood-fired oven heated to a super hot tem­pe­ra­ture. One of the simp­lest, most tra­di­tio­nal and most popu­lar pizzas in Heidelberg is the Mar­ghe­rita, which is topped with toma­toes or tomato sauce, moz­za­rella and basil. Legend has it that it was named after Queen Mar­ghe­rita of Savoy, the wife of Umberto I, who liked the smooth, refres­hing taste of the pizza and also noti­ced that the colors of the top­ping – green, white and red – were the same as those of the Ita­lian flag. 

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Where does the word pizza come from?

Many people have assu­med that the word “pizza” had its ori­g­ins in Naples. Howe­ver, a new rese­arch ana­ly­sis indi­ca­tes that the word ori­gi­na­ted in a tiny vil­lage just far­ther north in Italy. As repor­ted by Ita­lian paper La Repubblica, just a couple of years ago, food his­to­rian Giu­seppe Nocca pre­sen­ted his rese­arch results on a Latin docu­ment dating back to 997 AD, which is pro­ba­bly the oldest men­tion of the word “pizza.” The 1,017-year-old ori­gi­nal docu­ment was scri­bed in Gaeta, a small vil­lage on the border bet­ween Cam­pa­nia and Lazio in Italy. In the offi­cial docu­ment, the off­spring of a feudal lord pro­mi­ses 12 pizzas to the resi­dent bishop as an yearly tribute.

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Is pizza healthy?

Pizza, in mode­ra­tion, is a good source of nut­ri­ents for your diet. Pizza pro­vi­des a high per­cen­tage of the total daily allo­wance of pro­tein, fat, satu­ra­ted fat, fiber, cal­cium and lyco­pene. Accor­ding to a report, this food pro­vi­des one-third of the total daily intake of cal­cium and grea­ter than one­half of lyco­pene, a micro­nu­tri­ent and highly potent anti­oxi­dant. In addi­tion, this meal is a natu­ral good source of sodium for both child­ren and adults. Howe­ver, nut­ri­tio­nists explain that alt­hough it is pos­si­ble to prepare a healthy pizza at home, in ever­y­day life it is usually a con­ve­ni­ence pro­duct high in car­bo­hy­dra­tes and satu­ra­ted fats. Pizza is made with refi­ned white flour, not whole wheat flour, and it is now known that an excess of this ingre­di­ent con­tri­bu­tes to obe­sity, increa­ses cho­le­ste­rol levels and leads to a rise in blood sugar levels over time. “If it is a home­made pizza, it can be on the menu once a week,” says Giu­seppe Rus­sol­illo, pre­si­dent of the Spa­nish Asso­cia­tion of Nutritionists.

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Pizza & salad: natu­rally the best choice!

To make your visit to the popu­lar pizza restau­rants healt­hier, you should always check the menu for deli­cious salads. Just about every restau­rant in Heidelberg offers its cus­to­mers sel­ec­ted salads in addi­tion to many dif­fe­rent pizzas. Of course, the best dres­sing is usually easy to choose yours­elf when orde­ring. Why not order your dishes directly as a menu – the restau­rant will cer­tainly be happy to give you the right infor­ma­tion here.

the best pizzas heidelberg - or "pizzen" after all?

German Pizza Trivia: Is it called Pizzas or Pizzen?

You gues­sed right!

Both pizzas and pizzas are cor­rect accor­ding to Duden.

Pizza as a for­eign word ori­gi­nally had an “s” appen­ded to the plural. Over time, howe­ver, the word became more and more Ger­ma­ni­zed and some­ti­mes recei­ved the ending “en” in usage. No argu­ment necessary 🙂

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