Event­lo­ca­tion Heidelberg

TOP FIVE! Of the event loca­ti­ons in Heidelberg

Now perhaps one or the other asks the ques­tion, what are events actually? And what are loca­ti­ons?

One might think that Event is simply the Eng­lish trans­la­tion for Event. But this is not quite true, because there is a small but subtle dif­fe­rence. Depen­ding on the topic and reason, the orga­ni­zer wants to achieve a cer­tain goal with the respec­tive event. In order to show the dif­fe­rence to the event, a small spe­ci­fic detail is mis­sing, namely emo­ti­ons. If an event suc­ceeds in arou­sing emo­ti­ons in the guests, the guests will remem­ber the event demons­tra­bly better and longer. To achieve this, the event should be an expe­ri­ence, because by invol­ving the visi­tors, they per­ceive the event positively.

So now we have cla­ri­fied that with the event and the event, but what were the loca­ti­ons again?

In German the term “loca­tion” is usually used as a term for “Ort/ Ört­lich­keit” and “Loka­li­tät”. Since the word loca­lity has been used syn­ony­mously for pubs, restau­rants and bars, the term “loca­tion” has also become firmly estab­lis­hed in the German lan­guage for discos, clubs, cafés and restaurants.

Since we would have cla­ri­fied this now, we have crea­ted a TOP 5 of the event loca­tion Heidel­berg for you, to give you a small remin­der in the future.

The old wine factory
The spe­cial thing about this old wine fac­tory is that, des­pite its age, it still exudes a his­to­ri­cal charm that sedu­ces guests to cele­brate their events there again and again. The wine fac­tory was built in 1891 and only needed a two-year com­plete reno­va­tion in 2012. Des­pite this reno­va­tion, the owners retai­ned the con­cept of the fac­tory where tra­di­tio­nal and modern styles meet.

No matter whe­ther bir­th­day or com­pany cele­bra­ti­ons, wed­dings, con­certs or dance events. The fac­tory is ready for ever­ything and is just wai­t­ing for your visit. For the right atmo­s­phere there are dif­fe­rent deco­ra­tion uten­sils, ligh­t­ing sys­tems and a modern design.

An abso­lute plus is that the fac­tory is not only a great event loca­tion, but also offers nume­rous over­night accom­mo­da­ti­ons. If the wine fac­tory would not be for you, there would still be the Hotel Zum Ritter St. Georg, which is loca­ted in the main street in Heidel­berg. There are par­king gara­ges in the immediate vicinity (P0 Wool­worth 57, P1 Post­straße 528, P2 Bau­haus 200, etc.). Ano­t­her advan­tage of the loca­tion is that it is easy to reach, as it is loca­ted directly at the Heidel­berg Bis­mark­platz, the centre of Heidelberg.

Front door wine factory event location Heidelberg
Are you loo­king for an event loca­tion in Heidel­berg that is situa­ted bet­ween the moun­tains, has a Medi­ter­ra­nean style, is cen­trally loca­ted and yet remote enough to be able to cele­brate without limits? Then Moods is exactly the right place for you, because no matter if it’s a wed­ding, bir­th­day or com­pany party, Moods has ever­ything at your dis­po­sal. Because the spe­cial thing about it is that there are dif­fe­rent space opti­ons, such as a sty­lish con­ser­va­tory, in case it should rain or be cold on that day. Fur­ther­more, an event tent and an airy sun ter­race would be available.

In addi­tion, you can expect a large selec­tion of fur­ni­ture from dif­fe­rent tables to moni­tors, sea­ting plans for buffet infor­ma­tion and photos. If you have deci­ded to cele­brate your event at Moods, there is an addi­tio­nal advan­tage (which you may not have at other loca­ti­ons): you can hire a cate­rer and event pho­to­gra­pher with trus­ted part­ners of Moods, hire live bands or DJs and ask for exclu­sive deco­ra­ti­ons. If that’s not enough, Moods also offers you other spe­cial aspects such as :

No addi­tio­nal room rental
Cele­brate without time frame
Free par­king spaces
No volume limit
Cele­brate from 60 people
Accom­mo­da­tion can also be arran­ged immedia­tely, as the Günes Hotel Manage­ment in Rudolf-Diesel-Straße is only 500m away from the loca­tion. If this hotel is already over­crow­ded, there is still the pos­si­bi­lity to go to a Hotel Garni, which is, howe­ver, one kilo­me­ter away from Moods.

Decoration for wedding room interior
Güterbahnhof/ Halle 02
The Heidel­berg freight sta­tion is one of the few indus­trial loca­ti­ons in the Rhine-Neckar region and con­vin­ces with its size, loca­tion, ambi­ence and the authen­tic charm of former wareh­ouses. Since its foun­da­tion in 2002 as a plat­form for con­tem­porary cul­ture and inno­va­tive events, up to 300 events with over 150,000 visi­tors take place every year. Far beyond Heidel­berg, not only the audi­ence but also (con­cert) agen­cies and orga­nisers enjoy a very good reputation.

The loca­tion is split into dif­fe­rent areas, which tog­e­ther form a hall, foyer, club, back­stage and out­door area, as well as a restau­rant. Their events of all kinds are car­ried out accord­ing to their motto “urban, fle­xi­ble, crea­tive”. Be it work­shops, con­fe­ren­ces, galas, pro­duct pre­sen­ta­ti­ons (also auto­mo­bile), sym­po­sia (sci­en­ti­fic, theme-rela­ted con­fe­rence), exhi­bi­ti­ons, and much more.

Here are brief key data on the respec­tive areas:

philosophy of the restaurant is to take the basic need of food to another level by bringing together craftsmanship and art to create a great memory. High quality meals such as dry-aged beefsteaks, creative sushi variations, vegetarian but also vegan dishes are offered. In addition, the NEO Restaurant makes sure that only regional and seasonal products are used. Of course, what should not be missing, be it to eat or just to enjoy, is an excellent selection of wines, beers and long drinks.

An absolute plus point are the vouchers that can be pre-ordered at the NEO, which can also be a great gift idea. Depending on the event the price varies between 25€-300€. For example, the NEO organizes a NEO Family Sunday for pP at Easter. 49€ (thereafter every Sunday from 12 noon). For this price, you can expect entertainment for children until 6pm, food and entertainment for adults. Children pay 1€ per year (max. 15€) for food and children’s entertainment. A three course menu will be served, which will be served in family style.

View from Hall 02 Outdoor area
Restaurant exterior view
NEO Bar und Restaurant bar
Old indoor swim­ming pool
If you want to cele­brate in a his­to­ri­cal event loca­tion in Heidel­berg, you should defi­ni­tely con­tact the Old Indoor Swim­ming Pool. The entire com­plex, built in Art Nou­veau and Clas­si­cism, was con­struc­ted bet­ween 1903 and 1906 and is still a listed buil­ding today.
The Old Indoor Swim­ming Pool is not only a great event loca­tion that you can rent, but much more! The event loca­tion is in one buil­ding with other ser­vice pro­vi­ders. Like the Body Worlds Museum, which is loca­ted directly at the ent­rance, to the left is a gas­tro­nomy “urban kit­chen”, an Alna­tura orga­nic super­mar­ket, which is loca­ted to the right, and a café, which is right next door. Fur­ther­more, the old indoor swim­ming pool directly above offers a coo­king and bar­be­cue course. The event loca­tion is an ideal place for in-house exhi­bi­ti­ons, con­fe­ren­ces and club nights. By the way, a light, sound, stage and pre­sen­ta­tion tech­no­logy is avail­able for you. An abso­lute eye-cat­cher is the fully ani­ma­ted light show as 3-D map­ping (syn­chro­ni­zed visu­als, which should convey a spe­cial effect). No matter whe­ther for busi­ness with cus­to­mers and employees or for pri­vate use.

The event loca­tion allows you a choice of two rooms. The first room would be the so called “Frau­en­bad”. Depen­ding on the sea­ting, up to 230 people can fit into this room. In addi­tion, the ambi­ence has two ter­races which are cove­red (50 people) and unco­ve­red (100 people). There is also a sepa­rate con­fe­rence room for up to 20-30 people. The second room would be the roof lounge, which seems per­fect for summer days. This is also where the Pri­vate Coo­king in the 1st Heidel­berg Coo­king and Grill School would take place, which you can book as an option.

By the way, over­night accom­mo­da­ti­ons are not far away at all, actually on the other side of the house, on Berg­hei­mer­straße is the Guest­house Heidelberg.

Old indoor swimming pool exterior view
Green park next to the old indoor swimming pool
Prince Carl Palace 
In Heidelberg’s Old Town, cen­trally loca­ted on Korn­markt square, the Palais Prinz Carl offers a sty­lish func­tion room with a cer­tain some­thing. Whe­ther you are loo­king for a mee­ting or busi­ness dinner loca­tion, ren­ting a ball­room or want to get mar­ried in a roman­tic setting.

The spe­cial thing about this loca­tion is that it has a his­to­ri­cal back­ground. In former days very famous people like Emperor Wil­helm I., Chan­cellor Otto von Bis­marck, Johann Wolf­gang von Goethe and many more went in and out of this loca­tion. Today the palace is avail­able for pri­vate or busi­ness events where in former times, the Empress Eli­sa­beth of Aus­tria, known as “Sissi”, cele­bra­ted balls. The loca­tion admits itself as an expe­ri­en­ced wed­ding loca­tion and offers the­re­fore also indi­vi­du­ally tailo­red wed­ding arran­ge­ments to make the cele­bra­tion some­thing very special.

An abso­lute high­light of the loca­tion is that the Palais also offers wed­ding cere­mo­nies. In coope­ra­tion with a selec­ted free­lance spea­ker and the regis­try office you can have a very per­so­nal wed­ding ceremony.

In kee­ping with its motto “qua­lity not quan­tity“, the loca­tion offers its own high-qua­lity cate­ring, using only fresh, high-qua­lity, regio­nal and sea­so­nal ingre­dients and pro­ducts. For every occa­sion they put tog­e­ther a sui­ta­ble culi­nary sup­por­ting pro­gramme. You can also choose if you want to have a three or four course menu. Of course, the price also varies here depen­ding on the choice of menu bet­ween 49€ and 65€ per person, inclu­ding VAT, without drinks. Ano­t­her advan­tage of this loca­tion is that the accom­mo­da­tion is not too far away. The next hotel is at the Korn­markt and only 10 m away from the Palais.

exterior view Palais Prinz Carl Location
We took a close look at the TOP 5 event loca­ti­ons in Heidel­berg and it turned out that there are dif­fe­ren­ces bet­ween the loca­ti­ons. If you prefer a more his­to­ri­cal loca­tion, then either the Old Wine Fac­tory, the Old Indoor Swim­ming Pool or the Palais Prinz Carl would be sui­ta­ble for you. The goods sta­tion and the Moods are a bit more modern. You should also be able to go astray, for how many people you need a loca­tion. This pro­bably makes it easier to decide bet­ween the locations.

My abso­lute favou­rites are the freight station/ hall 2 and the Moods. The Güter­bahn­hof because with its dif­fe­rent rooms it can offer a wide range of cele­bra­ti­ons, events or func­tions. Fur­ther­more, I am con­vin­ced by the NEO Bar-Restau­rant with all its high-qua­lity dishes and pro­ducts, such as dry-aged beef or various sushi crea­ti­ons. Also because the freight sta­tion does not give me an 0815 impres­sion. If you like it a little bit unusual, you will surely like it here. The Moods is my second favou­rite because it offers a won­der­ful view of the famous Heidel­berg moun­tain pan­orama, but is also cen­tral but remote enough to be able to cele­brate without any pro­blems, so that nobody feels dis­tur­bed. In addi­tion, Moods mana­ges a lot for you, from free wed­dings in the green, to con­fir­ma­ti­ons in the winter garden.

All in all, I think that all five event loca­ti­ons are well equip­ped and with all their dif­fe­rent fea­tures they make a won­der­ful cele­bra­tion pos­si­ble, which hope­fully will remain a long las­ting memory.