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Best Burger Heidelberg

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Free burger + cash?! Unfort­u­na­tely not (yet) in Heidelberg 😀

The best burger in town: where to find it and why it’s worth loo­king for

There’s some­thing about biting into a per­fectly gril­led burger that is more satis­fy­ing than any other food. Whe­ther you top it with cheese, add top­pings, or serve it with crispy fries, a good burger is unde­ni­ably a feel-good meal that hits all the right spots. But where can you find the best burger in town? With so much to choose from, it’s often hard to know where to start loo­king. In this article, you’ll learn where to find the best bur­gers in town and what makes them so irresistible.

Instant Spoi­ler! Best Burger Heidelberg:

Joe Molese

We do not have to think long at all 😀

The Bur­gers of the Week are abso­lut­ely insane and also a la carte Joe Molese offers simply the hot­test shit. The bur­gers are world class, but also side orders, drinks and ever­y­thing else are on the hig­hest level – Rela­xed Flair & Hei­del­ber­ger Hip Hop Atti­tude is free with it. If you haven’t been there yet, you have to go!

Curr­ently there is no web­site (someone tell them – we can do some­thing about it), the cur­rent bur­gers and info you can find alter­na­tively on Facebook:

For Heidelberg Burger veterans with a taste for some­thing different:

Heidelberg Burger: Top spots for the best burger

If you’re loo­king for the ulti­mate burger expe­ri­ence, look no fur­ther than these local favorites:

Moe's Road­house GmbH

Berg­hei­mer Str. 147
69115 Heidelberg
06221 6536068

Mandys Burger

Speye­rer Str. 1
69115 Heidelberg
06221 184310

Mandy's Rail­way Diner

Speye­rer Str. 1
69115 Heidelberg
06221 6535725

Mahl­zeit Burger

Das Carre, Rohr­ba­cher Str. 6
69115 Heidelberg
06221 6733885

Joe Molese 117 - Burgers'n'Sandwiches

Stein­gasse 16a
69117 Heidelberg
06221 6548952


Gali­lei­straße 18
69115 Heidelberg
06221 4357444

HANS IM GLÜCK - HEIDELBERG Heiliggeistkirche

Haupt­straße 187
69117 Heidelberg
06221 6549065

Five Guys Heidelberg Hauptstraße

Haupt­straße 76
69117 Heidelberg
06221 3606175

Ben's Bur­ger­bar

Haupt­straße 142
69117 Heidelberg
06221 22819

Ari­zona 50's Diner

Frie­d­rich-Schott-Straße 6
69123 Heidelberg
06221 6726696

What makes the best burger? In Heidelberg and elsewhere.

So what exactly sepa­ra­tes the best burger from the rest in Heidelberg? Here are a few key factors:

Burger Buns

Qua­lity: High qua­lity ingredients

The best bur­gers start with qua­lity ingre­di­ents, inclu­ding fresh beef, arti­san buns and fla­vorful toppings.

Burger Toppings

Deli­ca­cies: Tas­teful toppings

From clas­sic top­pings like cheese (whe­ther Gouda or Ched­dar) let­tuce, toma­toes and onions to crea­tive opti­ons like bacon bacon, avo­cado guaca­mole and fried eggs, the best bur­gers in Heidelberg are always topped with a variety of fla­vorful ingredients.

Burger Service

More than just ambi­ence: per­fect service

To get the best ratings, every diner needs a fri­endly team with nice ser­vice & pas­sion – but also the ambi­ence is important! An out­door area with ter­race, a sty­lish bar for hot and cold drinks: atten­tion to detail counts!

Burger Grill

Meat: Per­fectly cooked

Whe­ther you like your burger rare, medium or well-done, the best bur­gers are always per­fectly cooked, with a juicy center and a crispy sur­face. Of course, this is just as true for a burger with chi­cken breast fillet!

Burger Sauce

Extra Flair: Juicy Sauce

Any good fast food restau­rant should still offer its own sauces! This is important not only for the bur­gers, but also for the sand­wi­ches & salads on the menu.

Drinks & Milkshakes

Slurp it up: Drinks & more!

Every awe­some burger needs the right drink – we like restau­rants with home­made lemo­na­des, iced teas and milks­hakes best!

A brief history of the burger

Alt­hough the exact ori­g­ins of the burger are dis­pu­ted, it is widely belie­ved that the modern burger as we know it today ori­gi­na­ted in the United States in the early 20th cen­tury. One popu­lar theory is that the first burger was served at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, Mis­souri, where a local mer­chant named Flet­cher Davis offe­red a simple sand­wich of ground beef and gril­led onions.

Over time, the burger became a staple of Ame­ri­can cui­sine, and fast food chains such as McDonald’s and Burger King popu­la­ri­sed the burger world­wide. Today, the burger is enjoyed in many dif­fe­rent forms and varia­ti­ons, from the clas­sic cheese­bur­ger to the veggie burger and beyond. If you are loo­king for a vegan burger in Heidelberg, you can find the best vegan restau­rants here.

Hamburger Neon Sign

The ori­g­ins of the word “burger

The word “burger” is thought to have ori­gi­na­ted in the German city of Ham­burg (just shy of 570 km from Heidelberg), where a simi­lar type of ground beef patty was popu­lar in the 19th cen­tury. These pat­ties, known as ham­bur­ger steaks, were usually served on a piece of bread or toast.

Over time, the ham­bur­ger steak evol­ved into the modern burger, and the name “burger” remained. Today, the word “burger” is often used for any type of sand­wich that con­sists of a minced meat patty, regard­less of its origin.

Inter­na­tio­nal burger chains

While the burger is often asso­cia­ted with Ame­ri­can cui­sine, there are many inter­na­tio­nal burger chains that have gained popu­la­rity world­wide. Some of the most famous inter­na­tio­nal burger chains are:

McDonald's Heidelberg

McDonald’s Heidelberg

With over 38,000 loca­ti­ons in more than 100 count­ries, McDonald’s is one of the lar­gest fast food chains in the world. Known for its clas­sic bur­gers, fries and shakes, McDonald’s is a global icon.

Of form­erly 5 McDonald’s bran­ches in Heidelberg, three are still open at the moment: at Bis­marck­platz, in Hebel­straße and in Breit­spiel – almost in Leimen 😉

Burger King Heidelberg

Burger King Heidelberg

Ano­ther popu­lar fast food chain, Burger King, is known for its flambé bur­gers and signa­ture Whop­per sand­wich. With over 17,000 loca­ti­ons in more than 100 count­ries, Burger King is a global power­house in the burger world.

There are two BGK bran­ches in Heidelberg: one directly at the main sta­tion and one in Speye­rer Straße towards Bahnstadt!