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Nine­ty­Nine Hotel Heidelberg

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the short version


  • very sty­lish design
  • easy access by car
  • good con­nec­tion to the main station


  • Sights not really within wal­king distance
  • is loca­ted close to a big crossroads


The sty­lish Nine­ty­Nine Hotel Heidelberg is loca­ted in the West­stadt dis­trict, next to the new Bahn­stadt dis­trict. The distance to the popu­lar sights is a bit longer, but the main sta­tion is only a few minu­tes walk away. The nearby Bahn­stadt is defi­ni­tely worth a walk. The archi­tec­ture of the houses are all coor­di­na­ted and very modern. In summer, you can even dangle your feet in the water when the tem­pe­ra­tures are high, because a shal­low water pool has been crea­ted along the street Langer Anger in the Bahnstadt.

The sights that are con­side­red MUST-See, such as the Heidelberg Castle or the Old Bridge, are a little fur­ther away from the hotel. Theo­re­ti­cally you can even reach them on foot, but you should plan some extra time and sui­ta­ble foot­wear. It is easier, of course, by bus and train, as the hotel is loca­ted at the Mont­pel­lier Bridge that extends over the tracks of the main sta­tion. On the bridge there is a bus and tram stop.

The area around the hotel is not neces­s­a­rily the most beau­tiful of Heidelberg. Directly at the Czer­ny­ring and the crossing at Spey­rer Straße there is a lot of traf­fic and also because of buses and the tram, the area around the hotel is always busy. But the rooms of the hotel are all sound­pro­ofed, so the volume of the traf­fic around the hotel should not be a pro­blem at night. So if you are in a hurry to get to your train, you should defi­ni­tely look to the left and right at least once before crossing the street.


NinetyNine Heidelberg from the outside

The Hotel

The Nine­ty­Nine Hotel in Heidelberg is not the only one of its kind. With a total of three loca­ti­ons, the small chain has now been able to estab­lish itself with its design hotels for seve­ral months. The other loca­ti­ons are in Wup­per­tal and Munich, alt­hough the Munich loca­tion was only opened in Decem­ber 2019. In gene­ral, it is still a very young hotel chain, but it has been so well recei­ved that just recently the fourth loca­tion in Ams­ter­dam opened directly at the airport.

The hotel in Heidelberg almost radia­tes its own tran­quil­lity from its inte­rior design, thus really crea­ting a small “oasis”. The lobby with the sea­ting areas almost looks like a living room due to the cosy atmo­sphere. Espe­ci­ally the yellow piano is an eye-cat­cher, on which you can even play if you want to. In the inte­rior deco­ra­tion every detail has been taken care of, so that ever­y­thing is coor­di­na­ted and the guests of the hotel can feel as com­for­ta­ble as possible.

The hotel chain wants to be one thing above all: modern and sus­tainable. On the one hand through its design, but also through the use of recy­cled pro­ducts, e-mobi­lity and good rail connections.

NinetyNine Heidelberg Lobby
yellow piano Lobby

Equip­ment and services

The recep­tion of the hotel is staf­fed twenty-four hours a day and you can check into your room from 3 p.m. at the ear­liest and you must leave your room by 12 noon at the latest. If you bring an animal (or maybe even more) to Heidelberg, you have to pay a small fee for each animal in the Nine­ty­Nine Hotel.

Break­fast is served at the hotel in the form of a buffet. During the week you can have break­fast from 6:30 to 10 am, on weekends from 7 to 11 am. If you don’t have break­fast included in your boo­king, you can still enjoy the buffet for 12,90€ a day.

The hotel does not have a restau­rant, but a bar with a bar food con­cept. The Bowl Bar offers from 5 p.m. drinks of all kinds as well as healthy food bowls, which are freshly pre­pared there. The bowls can also be arran­ged accor­ding to your taste, so you will get your money’s worth.

For a snack in bet­ween, or a snack in your own room in the evening, there is a small mini­mar­ket in the Nine­ty­Nine Hotel. There, at the lobby, you have a small sel­ec­tion of drinks and sweets that are also allo­wed in your room.

NinetyNine Minimarket
On the web­site there is also a small blog. Here you will find many inte­res­t­ing artic­les, whe­ther about health, sus­taina­bi­lity or life­style. And if you want to stay up to date, the hotel also has its own news­let­ter which you can sub­scribe to.

The hotel also has seve­ral part­ners, inclu­ding Movelo. The brand’s eBikes can be rented at the hotel for a short city tour, for example.

The rooms

The hotel in the West­stadt dis­trict has some­what more than 100 rooms in which visi­tors of Heidelberg can stay. All rooms have a tele­vi­sion, free Wi-Fi, air con­di­tio­ning, a safe, extra sea­ting and a small desk. In addi­tion, all rooms, like the lobby, are sty­lishly fur­nis­hed and have a sty­lish shower room, some of which even have a rain­fo­rest shower.

In kee­ping with their modern con­cept and depen­ding on the size of the room, the room cate­go­ries have their own names. You can choose bet­ween “ONE­derful moments”, “BeauT­WOful Day”, “Fore­ver THREE” and “Com­FOUR­ta­ble stay”. Except for the single room “ONE­derful moments”, the rooms are equip­ped with king-size beds or twin beds. The room for up to 4 per­sons “Com­FOUR­ta­ble stay” even offers a small sit­ting area and a sofa bed.

If you need a bar­rier-free room or an extra bed or baby crib, you can inform the hotel before your arri­val and they will take care of your request. Child­ren up to the age of three can stay free of charge in their par­ents’ bed.


Since the hotel is loca­ted on the Czer­ny­ring, it is quite easy to reach by car from the A5. Simply take the exit at the Hei­del­ber­ger Kreuz towards Heidelberg on the B37 (or A656) and drive towards the main sta­tion. There you turn right into Les­sing­straße and right again onto the bridge. You can alre­ady see the hotel from the Mont­pel­lier Bridge. Thus, one only has to turn left and has alre­ady arri­ved at the hotel.

The Nine­ty­Nine Hotel in Heidelberg has for those arri­ving by car some par­king lots right in front of the door. Even for elec­tric cars there is a char­ging sta­tion whose elec­tri­city is included in the price. This means that all par­king spaces have the same price, no matter if the car draws some elec­tri­city or not.

If you are more of a train tra­ve­ler, this hotel has a very good con­nec­tion to the main sta­tion. The sporty ones, can of course also carry their lug­gage on foot over the Mont­pel­lier Bridge to the hotel. But one can also take the tram or the bus directly from the main sta­tion and get out at the stop Mont­pel­lier­brü­cke. With the bus 33 in direc­tion to Emmerts­grund or the bus 717 in direc­tion to Speyer, you can reach the hotel in a blink.

If you are wal­king, just leave the main sta­tion on the right and keep right until you reach the bridge. At the end of the bridge, cross the street to the hotel at the pede­strian crossing. From the Mont­pel­lier Bridge, you also have a good view of Heidelberg Main Sta­tion and the many tracks that lead off from it.


The hotel may not be in the best loca­tion, but it con­vin­ces with its design and prices. The sty­lish inte­rior makes you feel at home quickly and you might think more of a cool café when you enter the lobby than of a hotel.

Prices, Boo­king & Cancellation


You can easily book directly through the hotel’s home­page.

The prices start at about 60€. Of course the price varies depen­ding on when you book.

The hotel will inform you of the can­cel­la­tion policy when you make your booking.

Fur­ther impressions

dining area
yellow piano
view dining area