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Hotel Villa Marstall

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  • lies directly on the Neckar river
  • close to the Haupt­straße (pede­strian zone)
  • all sights easily to reach by foot
  • free can­cel­la­tion until 48 before arrival


  • no own par­king spaces
  • only break­fast
  • no pets allowed


The Heidelberg Hotel Villa Mar­stall is cen­trally loca­ted in Heidelberg’s Old Town. The good loca­tion is addi­tio­nally empha­si­zed by the river Neckar, which flows directly along the street next to the hotel. So if you step out of the hotel, you don’t have it far to the shore. From the shore you have a direct view of the Old Bridge, which can be rea­ched with a few steps from the hotel. Also right next to the hotel is the Zeug­haus Mensa in the Heidelberg Mar­stall.

The Haupt­straße can be rea­ched, just like the bridge, in a few steps. From there you have free choice. Whe­ther you take the ascent to Heidelberg Castle by moun­tain rail­way or on foot, go to St. Peter’s Church, or go on a shop­ping tour along the Haupt­straße. That is up to you. And it’s all within wal­king distance from the hotel. But if you would like to go to the Neckar­wiese, on the other side of the river, the bus stop Mar­stall is right in front of the hotel.

If you would like to become a little more cul­tu­ral, there are also some muse­ums nearby, like the Stu­den­ten­kar­zer or the Kur­pfäl­zi­sche Museum. The Heidelberg Thea­ter is also not far away.

Alt­hough the hotel is loca­ted right next to the busy street on the shore, this should not be a pro­blem. The cars there do not drive too fast and are often inter­rupted by the pede­strian lights and the bus at the bus stop in their flow.

Marstall Heidelberg
Old Bridge
Marstall Heidelberg

The Hotel

The villa in which this 3-star Heidelberg hotel is loca­ted was built in 1876. In 2006 the buil­ding was reno­va­ted and con­ver­ted into a hotel. Because the hotel is only con­nec­ted to ano­ther buil­ding by a wall, you will be more likely to notice it as if hidden bet­ween two houses. From the out­side, the hotel is a little more incon­spi­cuous, the­r­e­fore, depen­ding on from which side you approach it, you still have to keep your eyes open a little.

The recep­tion of the hotel is open during the week from 7 am to 10 pm and on weekends and holi­days from 8 am to 6 pm. You can check into your room from no ear­lier than 3 pm and must leave your room and check out by 11 am on your depar­ture day.

If you book a room at Villa Mar­stall, you cannot take your dog or other pet with you. Animal com­pa­n­ions are not allo­wed in this hotel.

Villa Marstall Front

Equip­ment and services

Break­fast in this Heidelberg hotel is served in a vaul­ted cellar with under­floor hea­ting. So you will defi­ni­tely not get cold feet when going to the buffet in the early mor­ning. If you don’t include break­fast in your boo­king, it will cost you and your child­ren a few euros a day. Child­ren from 3-6 years pay less and if you have a todd­ler up to 2 years old, they can even eat for free.

The rooms are clea­ned daily. This means that if you don’t feel like making your bed in the mor­ning, or if you have to leave very quickly, your bed will be wai­ting for you magi­cally fres­he­ned when you return.

If your time in Heidelberg is over and you want to go back to the city to buy sou­ve­nirs after che­cking out, you can leave your lug­gage at the hotel while you are still in Heidelberg. The same applies if you reach Heidelberg before the check-in time.

The Hotel Villa Mar­stall offers you a wide range of dif­fe­rent offers. For exam­ple, you can book a Cabrio Sight­see­ing Tour with an addi­tio­nal guided tour of the Old Town and a 3-course menu in the restau­rant “Zum Gül­de­nen Schaf”. If you would like to see the castle in Heidelberg as well as the castle in Schwet­zin­gen, Villa Mar­stall also has an offer for you. If you would like to make a pre­sent to your loved ones, there is also the pos­si­bi­lity to buy gift vou­ch­ers in this hotel.

The rooms

In this Heidelberg hotel 18 rooms are spread over 4 floors. There is an ele­va­tor in the hotel so that you don’t have to carry your suit­ca­ses up to the fourth floor.

All rooms are equip­ped with a tele­vi­sion, a small ref­ri­ge­ra­tor, air con­di­tio­ning, free Wi-Fi access, usually also a desk and addi­tio­nal sea­ting, a safe, a hair dryer and a cos­me­tic mirror in the bath­room. Due to the fact that the hotel is almost stan­ding com­ple­tely free, the rooms have the very dif­fe­rent views. Some point to the bank of the Neckar or to the Mar­stall, others to the old syn­ago­gue place.

In the three cate­go­ries Clas­sic, Supe­rior and the Junior Suite there are even some rooms with the ori­gi­nal his­to­ri­cal cei­ling or a his­to­ri­cal sand­stone wall with half-tim­be­red walls. You won’t find the fur­ni­ture in the rooms any­where else, because the solid wood fur­ni­ture was spe­ci­ally desi­gned for the hotel. In the Junior Suite there is even a small kit­chenette for you and you have a 270 degree view of the sur­roun­dings. This means you can enjoy the view of the Old Bridge and Heidelberg Castle from your room.

If you need an extra bed for your fellow tra­vel­lers, you will have to pay for this with a little change, if you book in advance. If your fellow tra­vel­ler is a child who is at most 6 years old, he/she is allo­wed to sleep in the par­ents’ bed.


Because the Hotel Villa Mar­stall is loca­ted directly on the B37, it is almost impos­si­ble to miss it. If you come to Heidelberg by car, just take the exit from the A5 onto the B37 at the Hei­del­ber­ger Kreuz and follow it along the Neckar river. At some point you will see the Mar­stall and a few meters behind it is the Villa Mar­stall. If you arrive in Frank­furt am Main by plane and rent a car, it would be the same way via the A5.

But if you don’t rent a car, you can book an air­port trans­fer directly through the hotel.

Unfort­u­na­tely, the hotel does not have its own par­king garage, but 2 par­king gara­ges are only a few minu­tes away by car. You could either park in P12 at Korn­markt or in P13 at Karls­platz. Both par­king gara­ges are close to each other, so you don’t have far to go if one of them is occu­p­ied. From the par­king gara­ges it is only a few minu­tes walk. If you have had a long drive and don’t feel like lug­ging your suit­ca­ses around any­more, you can also take the bus, which will usually take you longer than if you were walking.

If you are tra­vel­ling by public trans­port, it is best to get off at Heidelberg Haupt­bahn­hof (main sta­tion) and change there to bus number 32 in the direc­tion of Uni­ver­si­täts­platz. If your S-Bahn con­ti­nues to pass through Heidelberg, you can also get off at the stop Heidelberg Alt­stadt and from there, for exam­ple, take bus number 35 towards Wieb­lin­gen or bus number 735 towards Heidelberg Haupt­bahn­hof to your Heidelberg hotel. If you don’t have a lot of lug­gage, you can also walk along the Neckar River from the Heidelberg Alt­stadt stop to your hotel and enjoy a first view of the bridge.


The Hotel Villa Mar­stall has the per­fect loca­tion for those who want to reach all sights wit­hout having to walk a long way, but also want to walk com­for­ta­bly along the Neckar in the evening.

Prices, Boo­king & Cancellation


You can book directly via the hotel’s home­page.

The rooms in the Hotel Villa Mar­stall start at about 95€ wit­hout break­fast. Prices may vary depen­ding on the season.

If you are not able to start your stay in Heidelberg, you can cancel your room up to 48 hours before your arri­val date. After that, up to 90% of the price can be char­ged. If you have booked more than 3 rooms at the hotel, you must dis­cuss the can­cel­la­tion con­di­ti­ons with the hotel in advance.

Fur­ther impressions

Villa Marstall
Große Mantelgasse