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Hol­län­der Hof Heidelberg

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the short version


  • lies directly in the Old Town
  • all places of inte­rest within easy reach (Old Bridge directly in front of the hotel)
  • pets allo­wed
  • good public trans­port connection


  • no own par­king spaces
  • not all rooms have air conditioning
  • only break­fast


The city hotel Hol­län­der Hof Heidelberg lives up to its name. The hotel is loca­ted directly at the popu­lar Old Bridge. And direct, here really means direct. Because the bridge gate and the bridge ape are only about 40 steps away from the hotel entrance.

Almost as close is the well-known pede­strian zone, the Haupt­straße. If one takes one of the side streets beside the hotel to the Haupt­straße, one also walks straight to the Church of the Holy Spirit and the market place. Thus, if one has this hotel as a place to stay in Heidelberg, one can very quickly tick the first sight­seeings on his list.

More of the popu­lar sight­seeings can be also rea­ched in only a few minu­tes. Due to the reason that the hotel is loca­ted right in the Old Town, as also most of the sight­seeings, it is very easy to get to the (for tou­rists) most important places of Heidelberg.

Thus, the loca­tion at the bridge also offers the per­fect con­di­ti­ons for an excur­sion to the other side of the Neckar. Espe­ci­ally when the wea­ther is fine, you can enjoy the beau­tiful sce­n­ery of the Old Town from there, or take a short walk on the Phi­lo­so­phers’ Path. This can be easily rea­ched via the Snake Path directly oppo­site the Old Bridge on the Neu­en­heim side of the Neckar.

The ascent to the castle can also be done by foot from the hotel. Of course, one can also take the moun­tain rail­way at the Korn­markt and then, if there is enough time, even drive or walk up to the Königsstuhl.

Bridge gate at Holländer Hof
Hotel from the bridge

The Hotel

The Hol­län­der Hof has worn its name since 1836, pro­ba­bly because the hostel was a popu­lar accom­mo­da­tion for Dutch tra­vel­lers and skip­pers. But years before that, there had alre­ady been accom­mo­da­ti­ons under a dif­fe­rent name at the loca­tion of the hotel. The reason for this was, of course, its loca­tion right next to the Old Bridge, which in the past served as the ent­rance to the city for many travellers.

Thus, alre­ady in the 16th cen­tury, there were two hos­tels at the place of the Hol­län­der Hof. At the end of the 18th cen­tury a large one was built in place of the two buil­dings, the one in which the Hol­län­der Hof Heidelberg is still situa­ted today. Howe­ver, the fourth floor with a roof ter­race was not built until the begin­ning of the 20th cen­tury, after an asso­cia­tion took over the hostel at the end of the 19th century.

Hotel Holländer Hof Heidelberg

Equip­ment and services

The recep­tion at the Hol­län­der Hof Heidelberg is open for you around the clock. You must check out on the day of depar­ture by 11 am at the latest and you can check into the city hotel from 2 pm. If you come to Heidelberg with an animal com­pa­n­ion, you will have to pay a small daily fee of 8€ for kee­ping your pet in the hotel.

You can have break­fast during the week from 7 am to 10 am and on Sun­days and holi­days from 7 am to 11 am. Break­fast is available in the form of a buffet with a large sel­ec­tion of side dishes, or as à la carte busi­ness break­fast. If you didn’t book break­fast when you made your boo­king, you can do so after­wards. The busi­ness break­fast costs 6€ and the break­fast buffet 14,50€ per person. On request you can also get a gluten- or lac­tose-free breakfast.

In the lobby of the hotel you will find a small busi­ness centre and on each room you will find a desk where you can do your work in peace. If you are often at the Hol­län­der Hof through a busi­ness, your com­pany can also sign a busi­ness con­tract with the hotel and thus always pay a low rate, or book a room quickly through an online access.

For tra­vel­lers with heavy suit­ca­ses, there is an ele­va­tor that goes up to the third floor. For visi­tors who are accom­mo­da­ted on the fourth floor, the last part of the way is to be walked, in return the stair­case to the fourth floor is pro­tec­ted as a his­to­ri­cal monument.

The hotel also offers its guests some ser­vices. For exam­ple, rela­ti­ves of a Heidelberg stu­dent can invite the stu­dent to a break­fast at the hotel with the offer “Pro Stu­dioso” and receive a glass of spar­k­ling wine per person and a wel­come drink included. In the summer of 2019, there was also an offer where only two nights out of three were paid for and on top of that you even got a solar boat ticket and an ice cream sundae in the ice cream café Roma.


The rooms

The Hol­län­der Hof has a total of 39 rooms. All of these rooms have free Wi-Fi access, a tele­vi­sion, a mini­bar, a bath­room, a safe, a desk, a tele­phone, a hair dryer and are non-smo­king rooms.

16 of these rooms also have their own air con­di­tio­ning. These are the rooms that are on the sunny side or on the fourth floor. Some of the rooms also have a bath­tub ins­tead of a shower. In addi­tion, one single room and one double room each have a bar­rier-free bathroom.

Despite the com­pa­ra­tively small number of rooms, there are a total of eight room cate­go­ries. They are divi­ded into: Single rooms in the cate­go­ries Stan­dard, Com­fort and Supe­rior, double rooms in the cate­go­ries Com­fort and Supe­rior, the Junior Suite and family rooms in the cate­go­ries Supe­rior and Deluxe.

The dif­fe­ren­ces bet­ween the Stan­dard, Com­fort and Supe­rior cate­go­ries are mostly due to the room size and spa­cious­ness and the bed size. The Junior Suite offers a view of the Neckar and the bridge towers, as well as the popu­lar Heidelberg Castle. The Junior Suite also has an addi­tio­nal sit­ting area where you can make yours­elf comfortable.

The family rooms con­nect two rooms with each other. The Supe­rior Family Room com­bi­nes a Supe­rior Double Room with a Com­fort Single Room and can be an accom­mo­da­tion for up to 5 per­sons with an extra bed. The Deluxe Family Room com­bi­nes the large Junior Suite with a Supe­rior Single Room. The rooms are then sepa­ra­ted by doors. Howe­ver, family rooms can only be booked by direct inquiry by phone or e-mail.

If you would like an extra bed or sofa bed, you will have to pay 22€ per bed.


If you come to Heidelberg by car, if you are on the A5, take the exit to Heidelberg at the Hei­del­ber­ger Kreuz and then take the B37 along the Neckar in the direc­tion of Eber­bach. Just before you drive under the bridge there is a traf­fic light, before it you turn right into the Neckar­sta­den and then directly left again. If you con­ti­nue, the Hol­län­der Hof will appear on your right shortly after. The hotel does not have its own par­king lot, but on your arri­val or depar­ture you may park your car in front of the hotel for loa­ding or unloa­ding your suitcases.

The hotel staff will then recom­mend a par­king garage where you will get a dis­count as a hotel guest.

If you are tra­vel­ling by public trans­port, the bus stop Alte Brücke is loca­ted on the B37 very close to the hotel. If you come from the main sta­tion, simply take line 32 towards Uni­ver­si­täts­platz and change at Bis­marck­platz to line 35 towards Bil­dungs­zen­trum. This will take you to the hotel in just a few minu­tes. During rush hour it can get a little crow­ded, espe­ci­ally at the main sta­tion and at Bis­marck­platz, so try to avoid this time if possible.


This Heidelberg hotel has of course a unique loca­tion with the Old Bridge directly in front of the entry door. The­r­e­fore the Phi­lo­so­phers’ Path on the other side of the Neckar is also easily acces­si­ble. Alt­hough the hotel does not have its own par­king lot, the good loca­tion allows you to turn a blind eye to this.

Prices, Boo­king & Cancellation


You can easily book directly through the hotel’s homepage.

Prices start at around 85€ per night, but can of course vary depen­ding on season and day.

If you have booked through the hotel’s web­site, you will find a can­cel­la­tion link on the reser­va­tion con­fir­ma­tion, or you can simply call the hotel within the can­cel­la­tion period.

Fur­ther impressions

Building from the front
upper floor