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Art­Ho­tel Heidelberg

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  • right in the Old Town
  • modern design, yet historical
  • own roof terrace
  • own under­ground car park
  • all sights of the Old Town within easy wal­king distance


  • not bar­rier-free
  • directly at a small inter­sec­tion where a lot is going on (stu­dents, bus, cars, bikes)
  • no can­cel­la­tion without charge


The Art­Ho­tel is loca­ted in the Old Town of Heidel­berg. Directly in front of the hotel’s front door is the oldest uni­ver­sity library in Ger­many, Heidel­berg Uni­ver­sity Library. Next to the large sand­stone buil­ding of the library is the Peters­kir­che. At the cross­roads where the hotel is loca­ted, there is a lot going on, espe­cially towards the end of the semes­ters of Heidel­berg stu­dents, also because the cafe­te­ria is just around the corner.

In front of the library, there are many bikes and cars and also the bus passes the hotel from the uni­ver­sity square. The Schloss­berg Tunnel, through which many cars find their way every day, ends a few metres above the Art­Ho­tel. But due to the reason that the hotel is not loca­ted right at the adjoi­ning street Fried­rich-Ebert-Anlage, one only some­ti­mes hears a loud motorcycle.

If one is on the Semi­nar­straße that passes the glass front of the hotel, it is even pos­si­ble to get a view of the Heidel­berg Castle. Thus, if you plan your stay in the Art­Ho­tel Heidel­berg, you are really in the middle of the Old Town and the stu­dent bustle. And also the tou­ris­tic hustle and bustle in the Haupt­straße is only a few metres away from the hotel. You just walk past the uni­ver­sity library and the uni­ver­sity square and you are part of the hustle and bustle.

St. Peter's Church
University Library
If you want to get out of the Old Town, but you did not arrive by car, there are several bus stops in close surroundings.

From the bus stop at the Peters­kir­che, one gets to the main sta­tion rela­tively fast with the bus line 20 or 32. Also the sub­ur­ban train sta­tion Heidel­berg Alt­stadt can quickly be reached from there with the line 33. But with a little side trip through the pede­strian zone, one can also get to the sub­ur­ban train sta­tion by foot.


Since this Heidel­berg hotel is loca­ted near the Fried­rich Ebert Anlage, it is quite easy to reach it by car from the A5. Just take the exit at the Hei­del­ber­ger inter­change onto the B37 and follow the road to the Berg­hei­mer Straße and you are already in Heidelberg’s Old Town. The B37 can be quite busy during rush hours, so if pos­si­ble you can try to avoid it. If you come by plane and rent a car, it would be the same way via the A5 from Frankfurt.

The hotel has its own par­king garage for its guests, where you can park your car for a daily fee. If you prefer to use the public par­king faci­li­ties, you will find more pos­si­bi­li­ties nearby. But you can also go on a long search in the streets of the old town and get a free par­king space with a little luck.

If you are tra­vel­ling by public trans­port, it is best to get off at Heidel­berg main sta­tion and take bus number 20 to the Peters­kir­che stop or bus number 32 to Uni­ver­si­täts­platz. From there, it is only a few minu­tes’ walk to the hotel, which can even be mana­ged with huge suitcases.

The Hotel

Alt­hough this Heidel­berg hotel was only opened in 2006, the first traces of the house date back to the begin­ning of the 13th cen­tury. Since 1700 the history of the house and the pre­vious owners is docu­men­ted. From a sta­tion of the post office in the 18th cen­tury to the occup­a­tion of the Ame­ri­cans from 1945 to 1955, this house has already expe­ri­en­ced a lot.

In this 4-star hotel, the phi­lo­so­phy ” qua­lity is a duty, ser­vice is the free­style” rules. It wants to reflect the charms of Heidel­berg and offer its guests a space for their ideas. The his­to­ric outer front of the bou­tique-design hotel fits in per­fectly with the charm of the Old Town, while the glass part of the facade stands out artis­ti­cally from the surroundings.

The hotel recep­tion is open during the week from 6 a.m. to 1 a.m. and at wee­kends from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. The ear­liest pos­si­ble check-in is at 2 pm and the latest check-out is pos­si­ble until 11 am.

For our dear animal com­pa­n­ions there is a daily fee at the ArtHotel.

By sub­scrib­ing to a news­let­ter, you can always stay up to date and, for example, become aware of offers early on. In addi­tion to offers such as a winter wee­kend or 2 nights at the Heidel­berg Castle Ligh­t­ing there are also vou­chers for the restau­rant or over­night stays for sale.

ArtHotel Heidelberg Logo

Equip­ment and services

The bre­ak­fast table is set from 6:30 to 10:30 a.m. and is pre­pa­red for the guests in form of a buffet. If you did not book bre­ak­fast, you can have bre­ak­fast at the hotel for a few euros. Child­ren pay less, of course.

There is no shor­tage of con­fe­rence rooms at the hotel. With a total of six con­fe­rence rooms, the Art­Ho­tel offers a large selec­tion. Many of these rooms can also be booked in com­bi­na­tion, so that really every guest gets a seat and nobody has to stand for the whole time. The rooms are equip­ped with beau­ti­ful oak par­quet floo­ring, air-con­di­tio­ned and have net­work cab­ling and Wi-Fi access in all areas. The room “Atrium 3” even has its own electric screen, which is per­fect for showing for example a Power­Point or sli­de­show. The indi­vi­dual rooms vary in size and can accom­mo­date up to 220 guests. With the right tech­no­logy and pre­sen­ta­tion, not­hing should stand in the way of a con­fe­rence here.

If you reach Heidel­berg before the check-in times, you can also leave your lug­gage at the hotel so that you can set off and explore Heidel­berg immedia­tely after your arri­val. Like­wise, after you have che­cked out of your room, you can leave your lug­gage at the hotel if you want to enjoy a last view of Heidel­berg from the Castle.

If you are depen­dent on bar­rier-free access, you will unfor­tu­n­a­tely have a rather dif­fi­cult time in this Heidel­berg hotel.

If you are tra­vel­ling with child­ren, the hotel will pro­vide extra beds or baby cribs for a few euros, alt­hough there is only one baby crib avail­able. That means, whoever comes first, grinds first. Howe­ver, child­ren are also allo­wed to sleep in their par­ents’ bed until they are six years old.

Wed­ding at the ArtHotel

If the plan for your own wed­ding is already in place, but the loca­tion is still mis­sing, you might find your dream loca­tion in the Art­Ho­tel. But if you are just star­ting to plan your wed­ding, you may even find the wed­ding plan­ner here in addi­tion to the loca­tion. The Art­Ho­tel offers the pos­si­bi­lity to make the wed­ding day unf­or­gett­able through its own con­tact person in the hotel. Accord­ing to their motto “Qua­lity is a duty, ser­vice is the free­style”, the hotel can adjust indi­vi­du­ally to the wed­ding couple through its own con­tact person.

Whe­ther an ape­ri­tif on the roof garden, coffee and cake in the Romer Restau­rant or in the Romers Hof, the hotel offers a variety of rooms for the wed­ding guests. You will also be assis­ted by an advi­sor of the hotel in the choice of food and you and your part­ner can choose bet­ween menus and buf­fets. The hotel will also follow your own food wishes.

The rooms

With 24 double or single rooms, this Heidel­berg hotel is pro­bably not one of the big hotels and is the­re­fore a little more fami­liar. Some of these rooms are also sui­ta­ble as 3- or 4-bed rooms.

All rooms have access to free WLAN, air con­di­tio­ning, an LED TV with DVD player, a desk, addi­tio­nal sea­ting, a tele­phone, a safe and a bathroom with a shower and a bath­tub. All rooms have a floor of beau­ti­ful oak par­quet and are acces­si­ble by lift.

Des­pite the rela­tively small number of rooms, the Art­Ho­tel has three room cate­go­ries bes­i­des the Erk­erzim­mer. The rooms are all fur­nis­hed in a modern way and do jus­tice to the style of the hotel.

The Erk­erzim­mer is the lar­gest room of the hotel and is kept in loft style. It even has its own sea­ting area next to the various living areas. So you can make yourself really com­for­ta­ble there.

All rooms in the Art­Ho­tel are also allergy-friendly.


In addi­tion to its own restau­rant, this Heidel­berg hotel also offers its own lounge, roof garden, vaul­ted cellar and courty­ard for gas­tro­no­mic use.

Espe­cially the large roof garden and the vaul­ted cellar are very sui­ta­ble for events such as a wed­ding in summer on the roof of the Art Hotel.

In the Restau­rant Romer all dishes of the day are served. In the à la carte restau­rant you can choose bet­ween culi­nary, sea­so­nal, regio­nal and espe­cially fresh food.

If you are so tired after your sight­see­ing tour and need a coffee, you can get one in the Romer Lounge of the hotel. Even night owls, who want a cock­tail after dinner or before a party, will find what they are loo­king for here.

In the summer time, the hotel opens the Romers Hof. There, one can com­for­ta­bly eat, drink and enjoy a hope­fully beau­ti­ful summer day under the open sky and bet­ween the half-tim­be­red houses and the glass facade.

Romer Restaurant
Gate to the Reception


The Heidel­berg Art­Ho­tel con­vin­ces above all through its loca­tion and the com­bi­na­tion of the design of modern glass facade and the his­to­ri­cal old building.

Prices, Boo­king & Cancellation


You can book directly via the hotel’s homepage.

The prices start at about 109€, but can be higher or lower depen­ding on the season.

When boo­king, you should also con­si­der taking out a travel can­cel­la­tion insurance. If your trip to Heidel­berg does not go as plan­ned, for example due to ill­ness or a spon­ta­ne­ous change of mind, there is no free can­cel­la­tion at this hotel.

Fur­ther impressions

Glass facade
ArtHotel Heidelberg
To the Reception
University Library Bicycle Parking
View St. Peter's Church Hotel University Library